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M6L Services: Build a Course Pack

Build a Course Pack

  Build a Course Pack


Why build a custom course pack with an M6L Librarian?

Online course packs allow you to offer a fully customized set of online resources for your course. This can include articles, data sets, e-books, scanned book chapters, as well as online video and much more. 

How do I do it? 

To start building your course pack, set up an appointment with a librarian from the Research & Learning Services team today using our online booking system.

What do online course packs look like?

What do course packs look like?

Online course packs can be customized but the basic template is like the LibGuide you're reading right now.

Check out a real course pack for HUM2301 by clicking here.

Example Image of Course Pack

Build a Course Pack

Meet with a M6L Librarian to Build a Course Pack Today

Set an appointment using the M6L Consultation Booking System by clicking here