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What is citation? (Introductory Video)

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Which style are you looking for?

The "Chicago Style" is the standard reference and citation style for humanities and some social sciences at AUI. It is not, however, limited to those disciplines and it is used widely by publishers, especially in North America. It takes its name from the Chicago Manual of Style

Some helpful guides to the Chicago Style include:


The "MLA style" takes its name from the Modern Language Association in the United States. Like the Chicago Manual of Style, the MLA style has also historically been associated with a guidebook, called the MLA HandbookThis style is probably the most widely used in English-language publishing outside the hard sciences and is especially dominant in North America.

Some useful resources for the MLA style:

The "APA Style" takes its name from the American Psychological Association. While definitely used in psychology, APA is not limited to that field and is used widely in natural sciences, social and behavior sciences, and in other fields. Like APA & Chicago styles, the APA style has historically been associated with a book: The Publication Manual of the APA.

Some useful guides to APA style include:


(in English)

Bibliographique (en français)


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