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M6L Services: AUI Bookstore

   AUI Bookstore


   Where is the AUI Bookstore?

The Bookstore is located in the main building of M6Library.


  What services does the AUI Bookstore offer?

It serves the faculty and student communities in the supply of other teaching materials for all courses taught at Al Akhawayn University. It is the liaison between content requesters and the content providers (e.g., Aggregators, publishers, etc.).  The AUI Bookstore serves the community by:

1. Selling Books at Advantageous Prices: One of the Bookstore's main functions is providing students course material at a reasonable price. We lower prices through agreements with publishers and the adoption of etextbooks. Currently, for instance, the Bookstore has digital document supply agreements with Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, and Pearson (UK). Prices have been lowered through the adoption of open educational resources which a few faculty members have used in the past three terms. 

2. Provide Information & Guidance: Another key function of the Bookstore is to provide information and customer service to the faculty, students, and staff who visit the Bookstore directly, or contact the Bookstore for information by phone or email.

3. Rush Orders: In addition to regular orders which schools place some weeks prior to the start of class of the semester, the Bookstore can also place rush orders for e-textbooks to meet the needs of university schools as new courses are created. 


Using Perlego for your course texts

Watch this quick video to learn what you can do to improve the textbook process at AUI!