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M6L Spaces: A Visual Guide

Use the drop-down menus above to find photos & descriptions of the different spaces in the M6L. 

Or explore the M6L by floor using the clickable map below.

Explore the M6L

Welcome to the M6L Visual guide!

ThinkSpace Reference Reading Room Café Room 4 Archives & Special Collections Bookstore



Silent Study Lab Mezzanine Study Area Active Learning Spaces R&L Services Instructional Space

2nd Floor Workshop Space 2nd Floor Book Stacks Graduate Study Office Talking Study Rooms Presentation Room

Each space in the M6L has a designated noise level, marked by the icon below.

Click here to watch a video explaining the noise system in the library.



Quiet Talking Space: Please speak quietly in these areas and bring your headphones.



Silent Study Space: Help us keep these areas silent, for students who need a quiet space to concentrate.



Talking Space: These areas are designated for group work or where you can talk at a normal level with colleagues.

Each area of the M6L also has a designated food and drink policy, indicated with the icons below.


Bottled Water Only: Most spaces in the M6L only allow patrons to have bottled water. This helps us keep the M6L clean. Please do your part by respecting this rule.

Drinks & Snacks Allowed: In spaces marked with this icon, like the M6L Café Space, patrons can enjoy drinks & snacks. Please help us keep this area clean for everyone by picking up after yourself.

No Food or Drinks, Even Bottled Water: In the M6L Archives and Special Collections, you cannot bring any food or drinks, even bottled water, due to the fragile nature of the items in the collection.