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 What does this guide cover?

Each school at AUI has a slightly different set of requirements for the completion of its graduate degrees. While the forms and processes for each school should be verified with your advisor and your Dean's Office, this guide helps you understand some basics of the thesis preparation process. It includes guidance on:

✓  The graduate thesis template 

✓   Submission of the thesis to the M6L for the AUI Digital Repository

✓   Additional Resources to help you prepare your graduate thesis.




What is the "Authorization to Release" form?

In 2022, the M6L added an "Authorization to Release" form on all AUI graduate theses templates. This form allows you to choose whether to authorize your school to share a copy of the final, signed version of the thesis with the M6L, so that we can include it on an online digital repository of AUI research. The form offers two options:

1. Authorize the school to provide the M6L with a copy for immediate release on the public digital repository.

2. Request an embargo period of 2 years from the date of filing, after which the M6L will be authorized to provide a copy of the thesis on the public digital repository.





What the Authorization Form looks like




Need help with citation in your thesis?

Formatting and organization of citations and references for your thesis can be let us help! The M6L offers a full citation guide here on its website. In addition, we offer special workshops on  , a citation tool that can save you many hours by helping you organize your citations. If you need any 1-on-1 help, set up a consultation with a librarian who can help you with references and citations. 

. Is something missing here? 

If there are resources or tools you would like us to add or to develop here for you, please let us know: