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About the M6L: Overview

A description of the organizational structure of the M6L, including its different divisions and services.


Introduction to the M6L

What & Where is the Mohammed VI Library?

The Mohammed VI Library (M6L) is the university library at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. It is located in the heart of the university campus just in front of the university's mosque. 


M6L Mission

The mission of the Mohammed VI Library is to support and to enhance learning, teaching, and research at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. The M6L supports intellectual inquiry, discovery, and learning by developing its collections, providing spaces for collaborative learning or individual reflection, facilitating research, and offering instruction on the effective and ethical use of information resources. 

M6L Reference Reading Room

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

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M6L Visitor Map

M6L Visitor Map

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M6L Soundscape Map

M6L Soundscape Map

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Library Operating Hours

Operating Hours

  M6L Hours of Operation


Normal Semester Hours Opens Closes
Monday - Thursday 8h00 22h00
Friday 8h00 18h00
Saturday 12h00 18h00
Sunday 14h00 22h00


Exam Hours*  
Monday - Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday - Sunday Open 24 hours

*The M6L sends an email announcement with specific dates for the exams period each semester.  


M6L Policies

General Rules & Regulations

General Rules & Regulations

All M6L patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is responsible and respectful. 

Regulations for orderly conduct include the following: 

  • Patrons must respect rules related to noise in all library areas. 

  • Smoking is prohibited in the library building and the immediate area outside the library 

  • Beyond the M6L Café Space, patrons are not allowed to bring in food or drinks into the library except bottled water 

  • Patrons are responsible for keeping the library as clean as they found it 

  • Breaking any of these rules can incur a fine of 200 MAD 

Loan Policies (Borrow, Renew, Request, Reserve)

Borrrow, Renew, Request Materials

1. Loan Periods 

Patron Type  

No. Items Allowed  

Length of Loan  

No. Renewals Allowed  

AUI Faculty  


42 days  

2 times  

Graduate Students, Capstone Students & Honors Students  


35 days  

2 times  

Undergraduate Students  


28 days  

2 times  

AUI Staff  


42 days  

2 times  

ASI Faculty  


42 days  

2 times  

External Users  

On-site Use  

On-site Use  


  • The final due date for all items checked out to, or renewed, by students will be the last day of final exams in each semester or term. This limit can be waived for students working on theses or Capstone projects, if they submit a written request approved by their supervising faculty members to the Circulation Desk. 

  • Standard periods of loan shall be determined by the University. Any item, class, or group of items such as Reserve items may be confined to the library or issued for a limited period at the discretion of the Library Director. 


2. Renewals 

  • Patrons may renew books two (2) times unless a Hold has been placed by another patron. The length of loan remains the same for any subsequent renewals. Patrons can now renew checked out library books at any time before the due date through My Millennium account. Following the second renewal, patrons must return the item(s) to the Circulation Desk. 

  • All renewals are performed by the patron within their My Millennium account. Patrons are urged either to visit, or contact the Reference Desk for issues regarding malfunction in the renewal process. Renewals cannot be requested by phone or email, regardless of urgency or need. 

  • Renewals will be blocked if borrowing privileges have been suspended for any unpaid fines. Similarly, an item that is currently overdue cannot be renewed, and must be returned to the Circulation Desk 


3. Holds 

  • A patron may place a Hold on any item that is currently checked out. That item will be recalled from the current borrower and held for the requester at the Circulation Desk for three (3) days. The requester is informed by email when the item becomes available. 

  • All Renewals are performed by the patron within their My Millennium account. Patrons are urged either to visit or contact the Reference Desk for issues regarding malfunction in the Hold process. Holds cannot be requested by phone or email, regardless of urgency or need. 


4. Recalls 

After an item has been checked out for ten (10) days, it may be recalled if a hold request is placed by another patron. A recall notice will be emailed to the borrower informing him/her that the item must be returned to the Circulation Desk within three (3) days. The due date will subsequently be changed to reflect the conditions of the hold request. Recalled items not returned by the new due date are subject to habitual overdue fines.    

Similarly, the library reserves the right to recall a checked-out item at any point at its discretion. Patrons are duly informed of the need to return the item and should do so promptly. 


5. Overdue Fines 

All patrons incur overdue fines for each item returned late. Borrowing privileges are suspended for overdue items and unpaid fines. 

Item Type  

Overdue Fines  


10 MAD/day  


5 MAD/day 

  • Due dates will not be set on holidays nor on days when the library is closed. 

  • An automated reminder will be emailed to the patron at regular intervals. Initial notices will be sent one (1) week before and then two (2) days following the due date. Subsequently, a reminder will be emailed every seven (7) days until a twenty-one (21) day limit. Following the last reminder, books are declared lost, and patrons will be duly informed. 

  • No reminders are sent for overdue Reserves; however, overdue fines will accrue and suspend borrowing privileges.  

  • Fines are paid in full at the Circulation Desk by means of a deduction from the cash wallet card. Extenuating circumstances will allow for fines exceeding 50 DH to be forwarded to the Business Office, at which time borrowing privileges can be reinstated. Payments cannot be made by phone or email, regardless of urgency or need.              


6. Lost Items 

For lost items, the borrower will be charged any overdue fine accrued to that point, as well as the cost of replacing the lost item and a 200 DH processing fee. Borrowing privileges are suspended until the lost item bill is paid in full. 

In the scenario where an item is subsequently found and returned before a replacement is ordered, said cost may be refunded; however, neither the overdue fine nor the processing fee will be waived in this case. 

Fees are paid in full at the Circulation Desk by means of a deduction from the cash wallet card. Extenuating circumstances will allow for fines exceeding 50 DH to be forwarded to the 

Business Office, at which time borrowing privileges can be reinstated. Payments cannot be performed by phone or email, regardless of urgency or need. 


7. Damaged Items 

Patrons are responsible for returning library items in the same condition in which they were borrowed. When an item is deemed to have been damaged, the library reserves the right to charge the borrower the cost of repair or replacement. The costs are determined wholly at the library’s discretion. Borrowing privileges are suspended until the damaged item bill is paid in full. 
Fees are paid in full at the Circulation Desk by means of a deduction from the cash wallet card. Extenuating circumstances will allow for fines exceeding 50 DH to be forwarded to the Business Office, at which time borrowing privileges can be reinstated. Payments cannot be made by phone or email, regardless of urgency or need. 


8. Borrowers' Responsibilities 

Borrowers are responsible for reading and honoring the library’s email notices in a timely fashion. Failure to do so does not override any library policies or procedures. Furthermore, patrons are urged to monitor their My Millennium accounts so as to ensure that due dates are respected. 

Admission to the library is conditional upon observation of the policies upheld therein, and the staff of the library is empowered to enforce these regulations. Persistent failure to observe library rules may result in the withdrawal of access to library facilities, and the matter may be referred to the Library Director. 

Patrons should inform the Circulation Desk of a change of address, whether permanent or temporary. Similarly, changes of email address, phone number, or any other pertinent info should be communicated in as prompt a manner as possible. 

Books and other library resources must not be removed from the library unless the loan has been duly recorded by a member of the library staff. To that end, all loans necessitate the patron’s ID card. Furthermore, AUI ID cards are not transferable; the member named on each card is responsible for the items borrowed on it, and is liable for the cost of replacement in the event of loss or damage. 

Borrowing privileges will be suspended for overdue items, unpaid fines, and any other repeated infractions. Privileges may also be suspended if other library policies are not consistently honored. 

9. Special Borrowing 

Capstone students, and Honors Students can borrow up to eighteen (18) items, if they submit a written request approved by their supervising faculty members. Similarly, students working on theses can request exemption from habitual restrictions by way of faculty intervention. 

AUI Faculty may request exemptions from habitual restrictions for extenuating circumstances due to professional needs. These requests will be weighed individually and replied to in the promptest manner possible. 

These requests should be mailed directly to 


10. Course Reserves 

The library Reserves Service includes highly in-demand and/or faculty-assigned materials for short-term use, primarily within the library itself. 

Mohammed VI Library maintains reserve collections and electronic access to class-related materials that support academic programs. Books, articles, and other documents (e.g., sample exams, syllabi, problem sets, readings, and lecture notes) are set aside in accordance with faculty requests.  

Furthermore, items deemed particularly desirable, even if not requested by faculty, may be put aside for general use. 

Faculty members are invited to fill out the Reserve Request Form or to visit the "Course Reserves" service guide for more information


11. Headphones  

Headphones can be borrowed at the circulation desk. You need to leave your Cash wallet at the CD until you return the headphones. 


Room Reservation Policies

Room Reservation Policies

1. Active Learning Spaces (ALS)

ALS Booking Regulations 

You may book an ALS room for no more than two hours per day using the M6L Room Booking System. The booking should be made at least 1 hour in advance. If you attempt to book an ALS for more than two hours, your booking will be automatically canceled. 

ALS Booking Cancellation 

If you fail to come to the library to retrieve the key, your reservation will be canceled automatically after 20 minutes. If you wish to cancel the booking, you are kindly requested to do so to ensure the room can be made available for the other users. Cancellations can be made through the link provided in confirmation email or by contacting  

2. Graduate Study Office Reservation Policy 

  • Online Booking: can be reserved using the M6L Room Booking System.

  • Type of users: Only graduate students can book the office.  

  • Office capacity: Only two users can book the office at the same time, and no more than two people should be in the room at any time. 

  • Booking duration: The office can be booked for up to two consecutive days. The key should be returned one hour before the library closes  

3. General Reserved Room Regulations: 

  • Noise: While talking at a normal is allowed in reserved rooms, please avoid causing undue disturbance to others. 

  • Phones: Please set mobile phones to vibrate mode.  

  • Food and beverages: Only water is allowed inside the library outside the M6L Café Space. 

  • Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside all University buildings.  

  • Private property: You are responsible for your private property.  

4. Reserved Room Keys 

Keys for reserved rooms should be collected at the Circulation Desk and returned on time to the librarian. Failure to return on time will result in a fine of 200MAD. 


Exhibit Wall Policy

Exhibit Wall Policy

Request Policy 

An online form is available to request use of the M6L Exhibit Wall. It requests the following information: 

  • Provide a brief description of the items you would like to exhibit. 

  • Describe your status at AUI 

  • Provide at least one and no more than 5 sample images of the items you wish to exhibit. 

  • Give us a preferred start date for your exhibit this semester 

Validation Policy  

  • Your items will be examined by M6L team for approval before being exhibited. You will be contacted via email with the approval decision.  

Installation & Disclaimer 

  • Installation of artwork on the exhibit wall is the responsibility of the artist. Beyond clothing pins, no additional materials will be furnished by the library for hanging or displaying artwork.  

  • The M6L will not be held responsible for any theft or defacement of artwork displayed on the exhibit wall 

Duration policy  

  • Your exhibition duration should be between two weeks and one month 

Visitors Policy

Visitors Policy

The library welcomes requests to Moroccan students and researchers who wish to access its facilities and to use its resources.

External visitors can gain access to the library's resources on site by emailing a request to the Library Director (c/o Requests should include:

  • The full name of the visitor(s)
  • National Identity Card/Passport number(s)
  • The dates during which the visitor wishes to come to the library

External Users may access the library and use all the resources on site; they may not borrow books or any other items from the library. 

Library users can bring only bottled water into the library (no food or soft drinks are permitted beyond the M6L Café Space). 

M6L Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

What is social media? 

Social media, defined here as the use of third party hosted online technologies that facilitate social interaction, offers the M6L more interactive ways to connect, to share, to listen, and to engage with the university community. It also enables M6L librarians to create and to share the library’s content, events, updates with the AUI community. 


Purpose of Mohammed VI Library social media channels

  1. Enable M6L to pursue its mission and goals online, while promoting the library resources and services. 

  1. Facilitate communication with M6L users: connect, share, listen to M6L’s users and engage them. 

  1. Build brand loyalty and change M6L reputation. 


Who can use M6L social media channels? 

The M6L Director, R&LS librarians, and C&A librarians are free to use M6L social media channels; publish, share, comment, and reply. Also, workers students and interns can have a limited access as an “Editor Role”. 


How can M6L social media channels be used? 

M6L staff should consider the ALA's Code of Ethics and Social media policy and procedure of Al Akhawayn University when using Social Media. 


General Guidelines 

How to use social media effectively? 

  • Consider M6L social media as a space of interaction and learning. 

  • M6L staff who are using social media channels should be aware that what they are saying is representing the library and that what they post is public and permanent. 

  • M6L staff should post interesting things that the university community will care about. 

  • Librarians should reflect, when using social media, the purpose of the library by using appropriate humor, photos, facts, current events. 

  • Librarians should link their postings on social media with M6L content.  

We will not post: 

  • Items or comments that are racist, sexist, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive. 

  • Personal attacks or insults. 

  • Plagiarized or copyrighted material. 

  • Commercial promotions or spam. 

Collection Management Policy

Collection Management Policy

Coming Soon!

Bookstore Policies

Bookstore Policies

    Bookstore Policies


Looking for Bookstore services? Click here.


  • COVID 19 Policy: Wearing of masks covering mouth and nose is required and enforced. Maximum occupancy, 2 patrons, excluding Bookstore staff. 


  • Textbook Charges: All students are charged for the print and e-textbooks regardless of whether they pick them up or access them.


  • Verifying Access: All students should establish access to their e-textbooks via their portals, and they are requested to report access issues to the Bookstore (  


  • Siblings: Siblings can share print textbooks. One of the siblings should fill the waiver form provided by the Bookstore upon request. This does not apply to e-textbooks. 


  • Married Couples: Married couples may choose to share textbooks.  One of the spouses should fill a Spouse waiver form provided by the Bookstore upon request. This does not apply to e-textbooks.


  • Course repetition: Students are not required to buy books for these courses unless different books are assigned. The same applies to e-textbooks if courses are repeated within the same year. 


  • Edition changes:. Students are not required to buy a new print edition if they already own another edition purchased from the Bookstore. Additionally, they should not log in to the newer e-textbook in their portals to avoid the fee for the access. 


  • Textbook returns: Students may return print books to the Bookstore if a class is dropped after the add & drop period. Students using e-books should notify the Bookstore ( if they have dropped a course during the add & drop period. 

M6L Reports

M6L Annual Reports

M6L Annual Reports

At the conclusion of each academic year, the Mohammed VI Library prepares an annual activity report. The report details the state of its collections, activities of library staff, and events held at the library that year. Beginning 2021, the M6L will be transferring its annual reports to the AUI Digital Repository. While in the future these reports will be available for public access, for now they remain accessible only via the local server:

Click here to access M6L annual reports

Strategic Plans

M6L Strategic Plans

Every five years, the Mohammed VI Library develops a strategic plan as a complement to the University's Strategic Plan. As of 2022, the M6L will begin storing its strategic plans in the AUI Digital Repository:

Click here to access the AUI Digital Repository.

M6L Team