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Financial Management-FIN5305-01: Home

This Course Guide helps you identify some of the resources available at Mohammed VI Library. For more information please get in touch with Your Librarian whose contact information is listed below right.

Vocabulary list

Please use the vocabulary list below to search the library catalog, through the keyword function, to identify materials relevant to this course.

  • Financial theory and practice
  • Financial management
  • Economic and financial environment
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Valuation process
  • Investment decision
  • Financing decision
  • Dividend decision



"This course provides a comprehensive introduction to financial theory and practice. It begins with fundamental concepts of financial management including background on the economic and financial environment, financial statement analysis, risk analysis, and the valuation process.

This course poses three major questions that every business has to answer: Where do we invest our resources? (The investment decision), how should we fund these investments? (The Financing decision), and how much can and should we return to the owners? (The Dividend decision). The course provides the tools and the analytical techniques needed to answer these questions. The course draws deeply on empirical research to help channel managerial decisions.."

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

Please use the call number below to search the library catalog, through the Call Number function, to browse the library collection listing materials relevant to this course

  • HG1-9999      Finance
  • HF5601-5689 Accounting. Bookkeeping
  • HD28-9999     Industries. Land use. Labor

Subject Guide