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Information Security and Risk Management CSC 5381: Home

Vocabulary list

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  • Information security
  • Security policies
  • Security audit
  • Security controls
  • Security standard
  • Risk management



"Information security management creates a balance between 1- the organization’s business objectives; 2- its security requirements – in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability – driven by relevant legal and regulatory obligations and risk profile; and 3- security cost. Such a balance is created through an integrated and proactive information security program or system based on policy, organization – with well-defined roles and responsibilities – risk
management and a set of technical, operational (including physical) and managerial controls and best practices, according to standard security frameworks.
This course includes 5 main parts:
1. Information Security Management Principles, Objectives and Scope
2. Information Security Policy and Organization
3. Information Security Risk Management
4. Standard Information Security Frameworks
5. Information Security Audit"

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

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  • QA 76.9.A25:   Access control (computer security)
  • TK 5105.59:  Computer security

Subject Guide