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Mechanics of materials EGR2312-01 : Home

This course teaches concepts of stress, strain, deformation, internal equilibrium, and basic properties of engineering materials. Analyzes axial loads, torsion, bending, shear and combined loading.

Vocabulary list

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- Structural analysis (Engineering)

- Strength of materials

- Concrete -- Mechanical properties

- Normal and shear stress and strain

- Hooke’s law

- Poisson’s ratio

- Axial deformation

- Torsion of circular bars

- Combined stresses

- Mohr’s circle (principal stresses)



This course is about the performance of deformable solids in various materials under the action of different kinds of loads. Thus the main objective of the course will be to show how to determine the stress, strain, and deflection suffered by bi-dimensional (and simple tri-dimensional) structural elements when subjected to different loads (e.g. normal, shear, torsion, bending and combined loads). Once the state of stresses and strains has been established for a particular structure type, the student will be able to evaluate the allowable loads and associated allowable stresses before mechanical failure.

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

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- TA350

- TA405

- TA645