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Social/ Organizational Psychology PSY3302-01 : Home

This course looks at the influences that people have on the attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of others. It applies the theories of Social Psychology to the motivations and behavior of people within work organizations.

Vocabulary list

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- Social psychology

- Organizational behavior

- Psychology -- Research.



Science is about the truth, about progress and about innovation. This is what makes science so exciting. The science of social and organizational psychology makes it even more exciting - because it addresses the reality we experience on a daily, and sometimes even on an hourly basis. Imaginary or real, people often find themselves in social situations - with strangers, with colleagues, with friends, with close partners. These social interactions can be quite challenging - and sometimes even puzzling.

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

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- HD58.7

- HF5548.8

- HM1241

-  HM786