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Popular Cultures in North Africa HUM 5312: Home

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Vocabulary list

· Popular Culture and Morocco

· Morocco and Music

· Shrines and Morocco

· Gnaoua and Morocco

· Hmadcha and Morocco

· Aissaoua and Morocco


Popular Culture is vibrant and, oftentimes, the most dynamic element of any culture. Popular Culture, being the culture of the people, responds quickly to new situations and stimuli. Popular Culture in places like Morocco, Algeria, or Egypt may also involve practices and beliefs not accepted or approved by the ‘Official Culture’ as defined by the State or by ‘official religion’. The recent growth of a global youth culture heavily influenced by that of the West, in particular of the United States, has also given greater interest by academics in Popular Culture.

This course will examine various types of popular expression in North African societies. The religious practices in ‘popular Islam’ will be the first to be discussed. Visitations to ‘Saint’s’ tombs, shrines, and practices involving spirit possession (Gnaoua, Hamadcha, and Aissaoua in Morocco) will be covered. Other forms of popular expression, often ignored in the past as being ‘unworthy’ of academic research and study, such as pop music, theater (including the traditional halqah performances), television, and film will be covered.

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

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[BP187-187.9] Shrines, sacred places, etc

[GR1-950] Folklore

[GT1-7070] Manners and customs (General)

[GN1-890 ] Anthropology

[DT301-330] Morocco

[DT554-554.9] Mauritania

[DT271-299] Algeria

[DT241-269] Tunisia (Tunis)

[DT211-239] Libya

Subject Guide