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History of Ideas PHI2302 : Home

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Vocabulary list

· Beauty

· Aesthetics

· Arts & Beauty

· Beauty & society


This course examines influential ideas in distinct areas of thought and from diverse intellectual traditions. It analyses such ideas within a historical context, tracing their origin and development in different places and times. It considers the contributions of specific individuals, the impact of various intellectual movements, and how both of these have manifested themselves in different domains of thought. The course provides students with a greater understanding of the ideas that have shaped and that continue to shape our reality.

This course examines the origin, development and impact of the idea of beauty. Framed within the philosophical study of beauty—aesthetics—this course looks at beauty not only as a property of things considered beautiful in diverse cultures but also as an ontological property of being—a transcendental. The pertinent question: What is beauty? This is a concept that has been central in a series of interrelated intellectual disciplines (e.g., philosophy, metaphysics, art, aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, culture, even mathematics) and practices. The purpose of this course is to critically evaluate the role that this idea has played and continues to play in our understanding of the world and the manner in which we act in it.

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

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  • B1-5802 Philosophy (General)
  • BH1-301 Aesthetics
  • NX1-820 Arts in general

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