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Computer Networks CSC 3353: Home

Computer Networks is a graduate course that introduces fundamental concepts in the design and implementation of computer communication networks and their protocols. Topics include: layered network architectures, applications, transport, congestion..

Vocabulary list

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  • Computer communication networks 
  • Network architectures
  • Network management
  • Multimedia networking
  • Network security



The course will examine computer networks within the context of the Internet. It will build on prior knowledge in operating systems, basic algorithms, and C programming. Students will study the fundamental principles, elements, and protocols of computer networks.

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

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Subclass TK


TK1-9971                               Electrical engineering.  Electronics.  Nuclear engineering

TK301-399                                   Electric meters

TK452-454.4                                Electric apparatus and materials.  Electric circuits. 

TK1001-1841                                Production of electric energy or power.  Powerplants. 

TK2000-2891                                Dynamoelectric machinery 

TK2896-2985                                Production of electricity by direct energy conversion

TK3001-3521                                Distribution or transmission of electric power

TK4001-4102                                Applications of electric power

TK4125-4399                                Electric lighting

TK4601-4661                                Electric heating

TK5101-6720                                Telecommunication

TK7800-8360                                Electronics

TK7885-7895                                Computer engineering.  Computer hardware

TK8300-8360                                Photoelectronic devices (General)

TK9001-9401                                Nuclear engineering.  Atomic power

TK9900-9971                                Electricity for amateurs.  Amateur constructors' manuals

Subject Guide