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Women in Culture and the Media SSC3315-01: Home

This Course Guide helps you identify some of the resources available at Mohammed VI Library. For more information please get in touch with Your Librarian whose contact information is listed below right.

Vocabulary list

Please use the vocabulary list below to search the library catalog, through the keyword function, to identify materials relevant to this course.

  • Women in popular culture
  • Women in mass media
  • Communication theories-Women
  • Gender identity
  • Gender & media
  • Women in advertising
  • Women in television
  • Women & Popular music
  • Women  & cinema



The course examines the complex relationship between women, culture and the media in various societies. It introduces students to theories of communication, gender, and representation. They critically study the current portrayal of women in oral and written literature, advertising, television, popular music, films and cartoons. In addition, students are exposed to women’s participation in cultural and media production.

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

Please use the call number below to search the library catalog, through the Call Number function, to browse the library collection listing materials relevant to this course.

  • HQ1101-2030.7          Women. Feminism
  • P87-96                      Communication. Mass media

              P94.7                    Interpersonal communication

              P95-95.6               Oral communication. Speech

Subject Guide

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