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Environmental Biology BIO1400: Home

This Course Guide helps you identify some of the resources available at Mohammed VI Library. For more information please get in touch with Your Librarian whose contact information is listed below right.

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Vocabulary list

Please use the vocabulary list below to search the library catalog, through the keyword function, to identify materials relevant to this course.

  • Environmental biology
  • Ecology and conservation
  • Environmental microbiology
  • Pollution science
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecotoxicology



This course is designed to serve students from all majors. It requires no prerequisite.
A study of molecular genetics and the diversity of structure and function in
living forms. Special attention is paid to the ecological, behavioral and
environmental relationships of living creatures in the modern world. A two hour
laboratory supports the lecture material.

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

Please use the call number below to search the library catalog, through the Call Number function, to browse the library collection listing materials relevant to this course.

  • QH1-278.5 Natural history (General)
  • QH301-705.5 Biology (General)
  • QH540-549.5 Ecology

Subject Guide