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Introduction to Arabic Literature LIT 2304: Home

Prepared by: Layla Ajrouh

Introduction to Arabic Literature LIT 2304

This Course Guide is designed to help you identify some of the resources on Arabic Literature available at Mohammed VI Library. It lists reference materials, books, periodicals, online resources & government documents available in the library’s print collection, electronic databases, and on the free web.

1- Vocabulary List (for searching our catalog at or databases)

  •       Arabic literature, Arabic poetry, Arabic fiction, Arabic drama
  •       Arabic essays, Arabic fables, oriental literature,

2- Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

These classes and subclasses contain books and other materials related to Arabic Literature. Each shelf in the library lists the classes and subclasses that are contained on that shelf.

  •       PJ: Oriental languages and literatures
  •       PJ 6001-8517 : Arabic Literature

3- Selected Books in General Collection and their Call Numbers (Main Reading Room, Room 4 and 2nd floor)

This is a general list of books related to different topics covered in your class. Use the vocabulary list above or browse the shelves that hold these books to find many more. **Note: Atlases are found on the reference shelves and in 3 atlas stands in the Main Reading Room.

  •       A brief introduction to modern Arabic literature                                             PJ7538 .T74 2008
  •       Modern Arabic literature                                                                                 PJ7538 .S73 2006
  •       Arabic literature : an overview                                                                       PJ7510.C35 2002
  •       An introduction to Arabic literature                                                                 PJ7510.A43 2000 c.1
  •       The Thousand and one nights in Arabic literature and society                       PJ7737.T48 1997
  •       Tradition and modernity in Arabic literature                                                     PJ7510.T74 1997
  •       Arabic literature of Africa                                                                                Z6605.A6 A73 1994
  •       A short history of modern Arabic literature                                                     PJ7538.B265 1993
  •       The Arabic literary heritage : the development of its genres and criticism      PJ7510 .A44 1998 
  •       Banipal : magazine of modern Arab literature                                                  PJ7501.B26 no.19-21
  •       al-Adab al-‘Arabī al-mu‘āṣir fī Miṣr                                                                   PJ8201.D3 1988 c.1
  •       Arabic literature to the end of the Umayyad period                                         PJ7510 .A8 1983 
  •        تاريخ آداب العرب                                                                                                   PJ7510 .R34 1974
  •        المصادر الأدبية واللغوية في التراث العربي/ تأليف عز الدين اسماعيل                                         PJ7515.I8 1976
  •       Rituals of memory : in contemporary Arab women's writing                           PJ7525.2 .M44 2007
  •       Arab, Muslim, woman : voice and vision in postcolonial literature and film      HQ1784 .M66 2008

4- Reference Collection (Main reading room)

  •       العرب لسان من الضرب ارتشاف                                  Ref  PJ6101 .A65 1998
  •       المعاصرة   العربية في ودراسة معجم                              Ref PJ6106 .S2474 2000
  •       العرب   لسان لباب ولب لأدبخزانة                                Ref PJ6171 .B34 1989
  •       A grammar of the classical Arabic language  Ref PJ6307 .H6 1986
  •       العرب لسان                                                           Ref PJ6620 .I154 1993    
  •       العرب  لسان في الشعراء معجم                                     Ref PJ6620.I13 M6 1987                            
  •       القاموس جواهر من العروس تاج                                   Ref PJ 6620 .M86 1965

5- Print Periodicals / Serials Collection / World Bank (Academic Journals Room, ground floor). Many of these are also available electronically, though they might not be mentioned in section 6 below.


  •       Journal of Arabic literature
  •       Banipal : magazine of modern Arab literature
  •       Majallat al-Majma‘ al-‘Ilmī al-‘Arabī.

6- Databases and E-journals:

The following are important research databases and E-journals that frequently publish research on Arabic Literature. Search our databases

Selected Databases

  •       EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       JSTOR
  •       Sage Journals Online

Selected E-journals in full text

  •       Journal of Arabic Literature                                                      EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Arabic and Middle Eastern Literature                                        EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Arabic sciences and philosophy                                              EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Arabica                                                                                     EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Ideas About Social Research, Evaluation, and Statistics         Sage Journals
  •       Journal of Arabic and Islamic studies (Online)                         DOAJ

7- Websites: