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General Chemistry CHE 1401 : Home

Prepared by: Layla Ajrouh

General Chemistry CHE 1401

This Course Guide is designed to help you identify some of the resources on Chemistry available at Mohammed VI Library. It lists reference materials, books, periodicals, online resources & government documents available in the library’s print collection, electronic databases, and on the free web.

1- Vocabulary List (for searching our catalog at or databases)

  •       Chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, elements, matter, compounds, atoms, molecules, ions, physical sciences, science experiments
  •       Atomic structure, molecular structure, periodic table, states of matter, energy
  •       Soichiometry, acid, base, redox, oxidation-reduction, solvents, solutes, solutions, chemical bonding, chemical reactions

 2- Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

These classes and subclasses contain books and other materials related to Chemistry. Each shelf in the library lists the classes and subclasses that are contained on that shelf.

  •       Q: Science (General)
  •       QD 1-65: General Chemistry
  •       QD   71-142 Analytical Chemistry
  •       QD  146-197 Inorganic Chemistry
  •       QD  241-441 Organic Chemistry
  •       QD   450-801 Physical/Theoretical Chemistry
  •       QR: Microbiology
  •       TP: Chemical Technology

 3- Selected Books in General Collection and their Call Numbers (Main Reading Room, Room 4 and 2nd floor)

This is a general list of books related to different topics covered in your class. Use the vocabulary list above or browse the shelves that hold these books to find many more. **Note: Atlases are found on the reference shelves and in 3 atlas stands in the Main Reading Room.

  •       Chemistry : the central science                           QD31.3 .C43145 2009
  •       Chemistry in context                                            QD415 .C482 2008
  •       Molecular modelling and bonding                         QD480.M654 2002
  •       Structure and bonding in crystalline materials     QD921.R614 2001
  •       Energy levels in atoms and molecule                   QD462.6.E53R53 1994
  •       Highly excited atom                                              QC454.A8C66 1998
  •       Atomic, molecular & optical physics handbook    QC173 .A827 1996
  •       Quality and reliability in analytical chemistry        QD75.4 .Q34A26 2001
  •       Enviornmental analytical chemistry                      QD75.3 .E58 2000
  •       The physics and chemistry of solids                   QC176 .E46 2000
  •       Bringing chemistry to life: from matter to man      QD33 .W718 2001

4- Reference Collection (Main reading room)

  •       Chemistry for changing times                                    Ref QD33 .H.65 1995
  •       Handbook of chemistry and physics                         Ref QD65 .C7 1995
  •       Hawley’s condensed chemical dictionary                 Ref QD5 .C5 1987
  •       La Chimie, dictionnaire encyclopedique                     Ref QD5 .A54 1995
  •       Unified dictionary of chemistry terms Eng-Fr-Ar       Ref QD5 .U53 1992
  •       Ullmann's encyclopedia of industrial chemistry         Ref TP9 .U57 1985

 5- Print Periodicals / Serials Collection / World Bank (Academic Journals Room, ground floor). Many of these are also available electronically, though they might not be mentioned in section 6 below.


  •       Applied and Environmental Microbiology
  •       E: Environmental Magazine
  •       Environmental Forensics
  •       Environmental Science and Technology
  •       Chemistry Letters
  •       Journal of the American chemical society
  •       Analytical chemistry
  •       Chemistry of Materials
6- Databases and E-journals:

The following are important research databases and E-journals that frequently publish research on Chemistry.

Selected Databases

  •       EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       JSTOR
  •       Sage Journals Online

 Selected E-journals in full text

  •       Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry        EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Biological Chemistry                                     EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Chemical Engineering                                   EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry      EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Current Organic Chemistry                           EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Foundations of Chemistry                             EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       International Journal of Chemical Kinetics    EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Letters in Organic Chemistry                        EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Nature Chemical Biology                               EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Nature Chemistry                                          EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Biogeochemistry                                           JSTOR

  7- Websites