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Digital Design EGR 3331: Home

Prepared by: Aziz El Hassani

Digital Design EGR3331

This Course Guide is designed to help you identify some of the resources on Digital Design available at Mohammed VI Library. It lists reference materials, books, periodicals, online resources & government documents available in the library’s print collection, electronic databases, and on the free web.

1- Vocabulary List (for searching our catalog at or databases)

  •       Digital electronics
  •       Digital media
  •       Digital Graphic
  •       Computer Architecture
  •       Digital technology
  •       Signal processing
  •       Digital techniques

2- Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

These classes and subclasses contain books and other materials related to Digital Design. Each shelf in the library lists the classes and subclasses that are contained on that shelf.

  •       TK: Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering
  •       NA: NA Architecture
  •       TA: Engineering (General), civil engineering
  •       TJ: Mechanical engineering & machinery
  •       TK: Electrical engineering, electronics
  •       TR :Photography

3- Selected Books in General Collection and their Call Numbers (Main Reading Room, Room 4 and 2nd floor)

This is a general list of books related to different topics covered in your class. Use the vocabulary list above or browse the shelves that hold these books to find many more. **Note: Atlases are found on the reference shelves and in 3 atlas stands in the Main Reading Room.

  •       Digital design and computer architecture : from gates to processors    TK7868.D5 H298 2007  
  •       Digital design : principles and practices                                                  TK7874.65.W34 2001  
  •       Digital design from zero to one                                                               TK7874.65.D36 1996  
  •       Practical analog and digital filter design                                                  TK7872.F5 T5254 2005 
  •       Demonstrating digital architecture: 5th Far                                              NA2728 .D46 2005  
  •       Windows and mirrors : interaction design, digital art                              TK5103.7 .B65 2003  
  •       Digital signal processing : spectral computation and filter design           TK5102.9.C476 2001 c.1 
  •       Digital logic design principles                                                                   TK7868.D5B34 2001  
  •       Digital integrated circuit design                                                                TK7874.65.M35 2000 c.1  
  •       A first course in digital systems design : an integrated approach         TK7874.75.U94 2000  
  •       Digital systems design using VHDL                                                        TK7888.4.R667 1998  
  •       Release 2.1 : a design for living in the digital age                                   ZA4150.D973 1998  
  •       Digital logic : applications and design                                                      TK7868.L6 Y37 1997  
  •       Microprocessor interface design : Digital circuits and concepts.           TK7888.4.N53 1991 c.1  
  •       Digital control system analysis and design                                              TJ223.M53P47 1990  

4- Reference Collection (Main reading room)

  •       Reference data for engineers: Radio, electronics, computer, and communications.     TK6552 .F4 1993;"TK6552.R44 1993"
  •       The computer and information science and technology abbreviations and acrony       QA76.15.S63 1994
  •       Handbook of research for educational communications                                                LB1028.3 .H355 2004
  •       Webster's New World dictionary of media and communications                                   P87.5.W45 1996

5- Print Periodicals / Serials Collection / World Bank (Academic Journals Room, ground floor)


  •       ACM journal on emerging technologies in computing
  •       ACM queue: architecting tomorrow's computing.
  •       Computing reviews. College Mathematics Journal
  •       Measurement Science and Technology
  •       Software engineering notes
  •       Les Technologies de Laboratoire
  •       Wired (San Francisco, Calif.)

6- Databases and E-journals:

The following are important research databases and E-journals that frequently publish research on Digital Design

Selected Databases

  •       ACM digital Library
  •       ACM digital Library Master SIG
  •       Communication & Mass Media Complete 
  •       Jstor
  •       EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       Communication & Mass Media Complete 
  •       Sage Journals Online

Selected E-journals in full text

  •       PC Magazine                             
  •       Wireless Review                                                                      
  •       Digital Creativity                                                                             
  •       Online                                                                                
  •       Digital Content Producer                                                                   
  •       Design Issues                                                                 
  •       Design News                                                                              

7- Selected E-Books:

Google Books (

8- Other Websites