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Physics I PHY 1401: Home

Prepared by: Aziz El Hassani

Physics I PHY 1401

This Course Guide is designed to help you identify some of the resources on Physics available at Mohammed VI Library. It lists reference materials, books, periodicals, online resources & government documents available in the library’s print collection, electronic databases, and on the free web.

 1- Vocabulary List (for searching our catalog at or databases)

  •       Physics, mechanics, kinematics, engineering mathematics
  •       Energy, potential energy, kinetic energy, mechanical movements, power, properties of matter
  •       Laws of motion, thermodynamics, vibration, wave mechanics, statics and dynamics
  •       General relativity (Physics), Gravitation, space & time, Kinematics, Forces, Newton's laws of motion
  •       Nanotechnology, Soft condensed matter, Quantum optics, Superconductivity, Energy-band theory

2- Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

These classes and subclasses contain books and other materials related to Physics. Each shelf in the library lists the classes and subclasses that are contained on that shelf.

  •       Q: Science (General)
  •       QA: Mathematics
  •       QB: Astronomy
  •       QC: Physics
  •       T: Technology (General)
  •       TA: Engineering, Civil Engineering
  •       TJ: Mathematical Engineering

3- Selected Books in General Collection and their Call Numbers (Main Reading Room, Room 4 and 2nd floor)

This is a general list of books related to different topics covered in your class. Use the vocabulary list above or browse the shelves that hold these books to find many more. **Note: Atlases are found on the reference shelves and in 3 atlas stands in the Main Reading Room.

  •       Introduction to elementary particle physics                                         QC794.6.S75 B48 2008  
  •       Fluid mechanics                                                                                   QA901 .K86 2008
  •       Supersymmetry in particle physics : an elementary introduction        QC174.17.S9 A38 2007  
  •       Practicing physics                                                                               QC23.2 .H489 2006
  •       Serway's Principles of physics : a calculus-based text                     QC21.3 .S47 2006  
  •       The physics of vibrations and waves                                                QC231.P3 2005
  •       Physics for scientists and engineers, with modern physics              QC23.2.S47 2004
  •       Fundamentals of momentum, heat, and mass transfer                       TA357.F87 2001
  •       Identification and control of mechanical systems                                TA355.J83 2001
  •       Quantum mechanics : an introduction                                                 QC174.12.G745213 2001
  •       Mathematical physics : a modern introduction to its foundations        QC20.H394 1999
  •       A foundation course in statics and dynamics                                     QA807 .P655 1997            

4- Reference Collection (Main reading room)

  •       A dictionary of physics                                                                            Ref QC5.D496 1996
  •       Van Nostrand's scientific encyclopedia                                                   Ref Q121.V3 1995 v.1 to v.2
  •       Dictionary of the physical sciences                                                         Ref Q123.E46 1987
  •       New dictionary of scientific and technical terms, English-Arabic            Ref Q123 .K53 1987
  •       Mathematical handbook for scientists and engineers                              Ref QA40.K598 2000
  •       Encyclopedia of planetary sciences                                                        Ref QB600.2.E53 1997

5- Print Periodicals / Serials Collection / World Bank (Academic Journals Room, ground floor)


  •       American Journal of Physics
  •       Renewable Energy
  •       American Mathematical Monthly
  •       Chemical and Engineering News
  •       College Mathematics Journal
  •       Journal of the American Mathematical Society
  •       Measurement Science and Technology
  •       Science
  •       Les Technologies de Laboratoire 

6- Databases and E-journals:

The following are important research databases and E-journals that frequently publish research on Physics. Search our databases.

Selected Databases

  •       EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  •       JSTOR
  •       Sage Journals Online

Selected E-journals in full text

  •       Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures       Sage Journals Online
  •       Journal of Vibration and Control                                         Sage Journals Online
  •       Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids                                Sage Journals Online
  •       Journal of Power and Energy                                             Sage Journals Online
  •       Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers     Academic Search Complete
  •       Communications in Mathematical Physics                           Academic Search Complete
  •       Physics & Chemistry of Liquids                                          Academic Search Complete
  •       Nature Physics                                                                   Academic Search Complete
  •       Physics & Chemistry of Minerals                                        Academic Search Complete
  •       Technical Physics                                                               Academic Search Complete
  •       Advances in Physics                                                          Academic Search Complete
  •       Applied Physics Letters                                                      Academic Search Complete
  •       Contemporary Physics                                                        Academic Search Complete
  •       Applied Mathematics and Mechanics                                  Academic Search Complete
  •       Journal of Engineering Mechanics                                      Academic Search Complete
  •       SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics                                JSTOR
  •       Transactions of the American Mathematical Society          JSTOR  
7-Selected E-Books:

8- Other Websites