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Discrete Mathematics MTH 1300: Home

Prepared by: Rachid Zegrane

Discrete Mathematics MTH 1300

This Course Guide is designed to help you identify some of the resources on  Discrete Mathematics  available at Mohammed VI Library.  It lists reference materials, books, periodicals, online resources & government documents available in the library’s print collection, electronic databases, and on the web.

1- Vocabulary List (for searching our catalog at or databases)

  •        Discrete mathematics, combinatorics, discrete calculus, discrete analysis
  •        Integers, point lattices, sets, finite sets, finite mathematics, recurrence equations, graph theory, number theory
  •        Probability, game theory, decision theory, coding theory, computational systems

2- Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

These classes and subclasses contain books and other materials related to Discrete Mathematics. Each shelf in the library lists the classes and subclasses that contains it.

  •       QA:  Mathematics General
  •       QA150...QA272:  Algebra
  •       QA273...QA275:  Probabilities
  •       QA276...QA299:  Mathematical Statistics
  •       QA299.6...QA433: Analysis
  •       QA440...QA699:  Geometry
  •       QA801...QA939:  Analytic Mechanics

3- Selected Books

This is a general list of books related to different topics covered in your class.  Use the vocabulary list above or browse the shelves that hold these books to find many more.

  •       Introductory combinatorics                                                           QA164. B76 2010
  •       A course in combinatorics                                                            QA164. L56 2001
  •       Combinatorics and graph theory                                                   QA165. H37 2000
  •       Graph theory : modeling, applications, and algorithms                 QA166 .A39 2007     
  •       Lectures in geometric combinatorics                                            QA167 .T45 2006
  •       A combinatorial approach to matrix theory and its applications   QA188 .B778 2009
  •       A first course in probability                                                           QA273 .C487 2005
  •       A first course in discrete mathematics                                         QA39.2 .A533 2001
  •       Discrete mathematics through applications                                  QA39.2.C75 1999
  •       Discrete mathematical structures                                                 QA79.9M35 K65 2004

4- Reference Collection (Main reading room)

  •       Handbook of  Mathematics                                                   QA40 .B713 1997
  •       Mathematical Handbook for Scientists and Engineers          QA40.K598 2000
  •       CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics                         QA5.W45 1999
  •       Encyclopedia of Algorithms                                                  QA9.58 .E52 2007
  •       McGraw-Hill dictionary of mathematics                                QA5 .M425 1997      

5- Print Periodicals / Serials Collection / World Bank (Academic Journals Room, ground floor).  Many of these are also available electronically, though they might not be mentioned in section 6 below.


  •       American Mathematical Monthly
  •       College Mathematics Journal
  •       Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  •       Journal of the American Mathematical Society
  •       Journal of the American Statistical Association
  •       The mathematical intelligencer.

6- Databases and E-journals:

The following are important research databases and E-journals that frequently publish research on Discrete Mathematics.                                                                             

Selected Databases      

  •       Academic Search Complete (via EbscoHost)
  •       JSTOR
  •       Sage Journals Online
  •       ACM Digital Library
  •       ZBMATH (Zentralblatt MATH)

Selected E-journals in full text

7- Ebooks

8- Websites