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HUM 2301: Islamic Art and Architecture; Dr. SAID ENNAHID: Useful Links

Recommended Links

  • Google Earth : provides virtual tours of major cities of the world using satellite imagery and GPS technology)
  • Archnet: a large database of digital images on Islamic Art and Architecture
  • Saudi Aramco World: scholarly articles on Islamic art, architecture and culture: click on Indexes then on the cover of the issue of your interest; see also stunning Virtual Tours of famous Islamic monuments by Barry and Michael Gross); see also Saudi Aramco World 1950-2007 PDF Archive (CD-Rom)
  • Al-Islam: authoritative source on Quran and Prophetic Traditions on-line
  • Al-Tafsir: authoritative source on Quranic interpretations
  • Artstor: 25,000 images from the personal image archives of Islamicists Sheila Blair, Jonathan Bloom and Walter Denny.
  • Strabon: “Strabon offers a multi-lingual, multimedia information system that would help to develop and enhance the value of the diverse cultural heritage of the euro-Mediterranean region.”)
  • Islamic Art Network: “The Islamic Art Network was established in January 2002 to serve researchers and scholars in the field of Islamic art and architecture and to acquaint the non-specialist with the field.”
  • Qantara: “The Qantara project is part of the Euromed Heritage programme, which hopes to contribute to mutual understanding and dialogue between Mediterranean cultures by highlighting their cultural heritage.”