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Theories of War & peace INS5351-01: Home

Vocabulary list

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  • International Relation
  • International System
  • Theories of War and peace
  • Terrorism Phenomenon
  • Causes of War and peace
  • Mechanisms of War and peace
  • War Phenomenon
  • Westphalian System



"  According to many authors, the changes that have occurred over the past twenty years  in the international system are among the most significant ones since the emergence of the Westphalian State System in the 17th century. Indeed, these changes have affected the structure of the international System, its mechanisms and instruments as well as how it is analyzed. As a result, the theories and tools that are traditionally used are more and more challenged, especially when it comes to study the mechanisms affecting War and Peace. The changes in the hierarchy of the international actors, the emergence of new ones, the occurrence of new security issues, the mutation that affected the war phenomenon are only a few among the many changes that have affected the international System in the past two decades.

     In this context, the course aims at introducing the Students to key concepts, theories, authors and literature related to the causes of War and Peace. We will examine these traditional approaches, confront them with the recent changes that have occurred and discuss their relevance".  

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

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JZ5-6530 International relations 

   JZ1305-2060 Scope of international relations. Political theory. 

U1-900 Military science (General)

   U21-22.3 War. Philosophy. Military sociology

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