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Arabic Language: Home

Vocabulary list

Please use the vocabulary list below to search the library catalog, through the keyword function, to identify materials relevant to this course.

  • Arabic language (MSA)
    • Arabic language -- Speaking
    • Arabic language -- Listening
    • Arabic language -- Reading
    • Arabic language -- Writing
  • Arabic alphabet
  • Arabic grammar
  • Arabic culture
  • Arabic music
  • Arabic dialects



"This course continues the work in ARA 1311 and ARA1312. It attempts to lead students towards Mid Intermediate by activating and developing the fundamentals of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) through reading, speaking, listening and writing, within a framework of syntax, morphology, and a working vocabulary.

In this course you will be introduced to basic topics in MSA in order to expand your vocabulary, your knowledge of grammar, sharpen your listening skills and push you towards writing more in Arabic. All this is done through exposing students both to materials of AL-Kitaab in addition to authentic materials such as printed materials, the internet and videos."

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

Please use the call number below to search the library catalog, through the Call Number function, to browse the library collection listing materials relevant to this course.

  • PJ6001-8517      Arabic Language
  • PJ6690-6697      Ancient Arabic
  • PJ6701-6901      Modern Arabic dialects    
  • PJ7501-8517      Arabic literature
  • PJ7695.8-779     Individual authors or works

Subject Guide