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Advanced International Relations INS 5303: Home

This Course Guide helps you identify some of the resources available at Mohammed VI Library. For more information please get in touch with Your Librarian whose contact information is listed below right.

Vocabulary list

Please use the vocabulary list below to search the library catalog, through the keyword function, to identify materials relevant to this course.

  • International political economy
  • Foreign policy
  • International economy
  • International relations
  • Cooperation
  • Internatonal law
  • Human rights



The goal of the Advanced International Relations INS 5303 course is to acquaint you with the concepts, ideas, and analytical tools necessary to understand state behavior and relationships among actors in the international system.

Library of Congress Classes and Subclasses

Please use the call number below to search the library catalog, through the Call Number function, to browse the library collection listing materials relevant to this course.


Subclass JZ - International Relations

JZ5-6530  International relations 

JZ5.5-18  Periodicals 

JZ24-38  Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc., for the study of international relations   

JZ63-1153  Sources 

JZ221-1153  By region or country 

JZ1249-1254  Relation to other disciplines and topics 

JZ1305-2060  Scope of international relations. Political theory.


JZ1329.5-1395  By period 

JZ1400-1454  Diplomatic and consular service 

JZ1464-2060  Scope of international relations with regard to 

countries, territories, regions, etc. 

JZ3674-3875  State territory and its parts 

JZ3685  Boundaries 

JZ3686-3875  International waters 

JZ4835-5490  International organizations and associations 

JZ4841-4848  Political non-governmental organizations. 


JZ4850-5490  Intergovernmental organizations.  IGOs 

JZ4853-4934  League of Nations 

JZ4935-5160  United Nations 

JZ5511.2-6300  Promotion of peace.  Peaceful change 

JZ5514-5526  Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc., for peace promotion, research and education 

JZ5527-5532  Congresses and conferences 

JZ5587-6009  International security.  Disarmament.  Global survival 

JZ6010-6060  Pacific settlement of international disputes 

JZ6360-6377  Non-military coercion 

JZ6385-6405  The armed conflict.  War and order 

JZ6422-6422.5  Neutrality.  Non-participation in wars.  Norms of neutrality 

JZ6530  Humanitarian aspects of war


Subclass KZ - Law of Nations

KZ3670-3881  Objects of the law of nations.  Territory and its different parts 

KZ3900-(5490)  The international legal community and members 

KZ3910-(5490)  Subjects of the law of nations 

KZ4850-(5490)  Intergovernmental organizations. IGOs 

KZ4853-(4934)  The League of Nations 

KZ(4935)-5275  The United Nations 

KZ(5330)-(5490)  Regional organizations 

KZ5510-6299  International law of peace and peace enforcement 

KZ5586-5893  The system of collective security 

KZ5615-5893  Arms control and disarmament regimes 

KZ5637-5645  Conventional arms control

KZ6350-6785  Enforced settlement of international disputes 

KZ6360-6373  Non-military coercion 

KZ6374-(6377)  Threat of force 

KZ6378-6795  Law of war and neutrality

KZA1040-1065  Intergovernmental congresses and conferences 

KZA1118-1122  Treaties and other international agreements

Subject Guide